Note that we are no longer touring with or performing any of these shows, but thanks to all our fans for a fun run!

I Call You Friends - An Evening with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis

On September 19, 1931 two of the most important literary figures in the 20th century had a discussion that turned the course of history.  On that night, JRR Tolkien, a devout Catholic, managed to convince his friend CS Lewis that the Christian Faith was true - and Lewis, a lifelong atheist, became a Christian from that point forward.  Both men went on to become writers of great literature - and Lewis became one of the foremost apologists of the Christian Faith.  This show gives us a sneak peak on what went on in Tolkien and Lewis's "night talk" - the drama, the humor, the philosophy - and above all, the extraordinary glimpse of God's grace and the role of imagination and of friendship in grasping it.